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Gourmet Bread Mix

Each package of our delicious bread mix is only $4.49!

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Classic White Bread Mix
Classic White
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Whole Wheat Bread Mix
Whole Wheat
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Whole Earth Bread Mix
Whole Earth
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California Sour Dough Bread Mix
California Sour Dough
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English Muffin Bread Mix
English Muffin
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Vienna Bread Mix
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Spicy Bread Mix
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Old Country Rye Bread Mix
Old Country Rye
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Onion Dill Bread Mix
Onion Dill
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Sweet Bread Mix
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Beer Bread Mix
Beer Bread
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Pumpernickel Bread Mix
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Six Grain Bread Mix
Six Grain
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Three Seed Bread Mix
Three Seed
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French Bread Mix
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Irish Potato Bread Mix
Irish Potato
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Sunflower Seed Bread Mix
Sunflower Seed
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Cinnamon Sweet Bread Mix
Cinnamon Sweet
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Italian Herb Bread Mix
Italian Herb
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Garlic Onion Dill Bread Mix
Garlic Onion Dill
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Wheat and Honey Bread Mix
Wheat & Honey
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Hot and Spicy Bread Mix
Hot & Spicy
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Each Package of J.B. Dough Gourmet Bread Mix makes a Generous One-Pound Loaf

Miscellaneous Bread Mixes

Brownie Mix Brownie Mix

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Scone Mix Scone Mix

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Gourmet Muffin Mix Samantha's Gourmet Muffin Mix!

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Happy Apple Products


Happy Apple Mulling Spice Blend
Each package has 1 oz. of mulling spices
$1. 50 each

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Cinnamon Sticks
Each 1 oz. pack has six to eight 23/4" Sticks
$1.50 each

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Minimum Order of 6 packages for Happy Apple Products

J.B. Dough Teddy Bear Bread Kit

Teddy Bear Bread Mix

$18.95 - Add to Cart

You can use this kit as a fundraiser, too!
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"In The Dough" Cookbook


The “In the Dough” cookbook is filled with simple, creative ways to make warm, scrumptious bread, using your bread machine and J.B. Dough mixes...Tested on all major bread machines, its the perfect gift for the breadmaker in all of us.

Featuring 128 pages of time-saving, easy-to-use, mouth watering recipes, "In The Dough" is guaranteed to whet the appetite of any bread lover, and enhance the flavor of all J. B. Dough Gourmet Bread Mixes!

$15.90 - Add to Cart   * Free with order of 12 mixes

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Cookie Sheets



This 9 1/2 x 13 x 1/2 inch Commercial grade baking pan is ideal for baking chicken, bacon, bread and cookies, you name it. Just the right size, and it fits in the dishwasher. Constructed from heavy-duty non-warping 18 gauge aluminum.


$10.95 - Add to Cart

Quilon (Parchment) Baking Sheets



50 Quilon baking sheets cut to 9 x 12 1/2. These parchment baking sheets eliminate messy clean up and prevents anything from sticking to your pan!


$6.99 - Add to Cart

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