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Product Reviews
Classic White - I just wanted to let you know that we think your mixes are awesome. We are currently deployed to Afghanistan and we have a few bread machines with us. There's nothing like the smell of fresh baking bread to bring a smile to the face and a lift to morale. We make at least a loaf a day and it will be devoured almost as soon as it comes out of the machine. In a place as remote as this and lacking of anything resembling home a fresh loaf of bread sure hits the spot and makes it a little more bearable here. Once again thanks for the great product we love them.

Customer Review - great bread mix! Very fast shipping too! Did I mention the great bread mix?

Customer Review - PERFECT baking sheets; Handy size, exc quality; Well packed, quickly shipped!

Customer Review - Your pan, fit my oven just right. What other 1/4 size pans etc. do you have for my oven?

Customer Review - Proof that you can have good dough without blowing all your dough. Thanks!

Customer Review - Third purchase from this seller... great bread!! Fast shipping

Customer Review - Great pans! My postman had smoke coming from his heels, Fast Shipping! Thanks

Customer Review - My favorite bread mixes! Just tried the Rye - excellent+ Thanks! AAA+++

Customer Review - I was given six of your bread mixes as a gift. They are wonderful.

Customer Review - We ordered a variety of your mixes, and they all worked perfectly in our Bread Maker. Keep up the great work and we will continue to enjoy your bread.

Customer Review - I purchased your bread mix while on a trip to Michigan. We really enjoyed the Irish Potato. It was so light and flavorful and turned out perfect.

Customer Review - Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your cookbook. The tips are great and the recipes remind me of my mothers baking. Your mixes are great.

Customer Review - Thank you for offering these pans. I just finished baking some cookies on two old sheets and one airbake. Never did like the airbake and my other two have seen better days. Time for some new and heavier ones.

Customer Review - Great product, made THE best cookies! Thanks for all the assistance. A+

Customer Review - Great product, great customer service, very interesting site, a MUST see. A+


Customer Review - Great size and quality cookie sheets. Can't wait to use them. Thank you!

Customer Review - Thanks great little pans

Customer Review - Super bread and thanks for picking types for me. A++++++DEAL

Customer Review - Perfect size for what I need. Thank You

Customer Review - The Best Bread Mixes I Have Ever Tasted!! I Will Be Back For More!! Thank You

Customer Review - nice cookie sheets

Customer Review - Always the best bread mix and service from John, I'm a loyal customer! Yummy!

Customer Review - Love these pans - wonderful to do business with. Highly recommend

Customer Review - I nominate JBDOUGH for an OSCAR for fast ship, great bread mix and communication

Customer Review - Best bread on Ebay and fast shipping, doesnt get any better. U deserve an OSCAR!


Customer Review - Repeat customer! Excellent mixes, QUICK ship! We'll be back-thanks! :-)

Customer Review - 2nd purchase. Fast delivery, excellent bread mixes (4 so far), very convenient

Customer Review - Yummy. Will start baking tomorrow. Thanks

Customer Review - As always-super yummy bread mix! I'm a repeat customer and love this seller!

Customer Review - WOW WARP SPEED SHIPPING EXCELLENT SERVICE AAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Customer Review - As always, a pleasure doing business with you! I buy from nobody else! A+++++

Customer Review - ¤*TOP*¤ø,¸¸,ø¤*NOTCH*¤ø,¸¸,ø¤*EBAYER*¤ø,¸¸,ø¤*THANKS*¤ø,¸¸,ø¤*A+++*¤ø,¸¸,ø¤*

Customer Review - Very pleased~repeat customer~awesome bread mix~honest seller~highly recommend

Customer Review - WONDERFUL results with the mixes! QUICK delivery, great pkging! I"ll be back!

Customer Review - Fast Shipper...LOVE THE PRODUCT!!!!!!!+++++++++++

Customer Review - Great vendor... arrived quickly and well packed... I'm very pleased. Thanks!

Customer Review - love the bread, fast shipping, thanks!

Customer Review - great bread mix! Very fast shipping too! Did I mention the great bread mix?

Customer Review - Dun good...Fast...I be happy...No problem.

Customer Review - Fast Shipment - Bread is Fantastic - I'll be back! AAA+++

Customer Review - PERFECT baking sheets; Handy size, exc quality; Well packed, quickly shipped!

Customer Review - best company I have ever ordered from - Arrived in 1 day.

Customer Review - Excellent Bread with great customer service! Thanks!!

Customer Review - excellent bread mix at reasonable cost

Cinnamon Sweet - My mother bought JB Dough's breadmix for my father for Christmas. He was kind enough to give me the Sweet Bread. This bread is GREAT! I was so shocked at the price. If you were lucky to find bread machine bread mixes in the supermarket, they are much more expensive. It is so easy to use! I ordered the Baker's Dozen and it is arriving today. I can't wait to get home!

French - Love it. Tried the French first and it was great! The order arrived so quickly. Will be ording more. thanks for a great product. Stephanie

Six Grain - Love this bread! I just ordered the bakers dozen and I can't wait to get it. I made the six grain in my bread machine just through the dough stage. Then I took out my dough and shaped it into a fancy round loaf, put 3 slits in the top and baked it on my baking stone. Wow, it was the best loaf of bread I've ever made! Light and airy, not heavy like my usual bread loaf from scratch in the bread machine! And so much easier!! Kudos.

California Sour Dough - Your bread mix is so much better than what is offered at the supermarket and your selection is great with all the different types, today I received my order and I tried out the Sour Dough in our new Cuisinart convection bread machine and it turned out to be one of the best breads I have ever made. I will be ordering from you again and again.

Old Country Rye - I must admit the bread is good. However, it is not old country rye the way I remember my grandmother making it. There is very little rye flavor or aroma. As a "light rye flavor" it might be OK, but not as the old dark rye with caroway seeds that I ate as a child.

Whole Earth - We have now tried 4 different types of bread and find these mixes to be about the best we have ever tried. They beat every mix we have bought in stores and are about as close to homeade you can get. I make a loaf every Thursday for my husband and it gets him through the weekend. We will be ordering more!!

Italian Herb - Ordered our first batch last week and made the new Italian Spicy bread last night. It was delicious. Made the Wheat bread today with the same results. So good. We will be back for more.

Cinnamon Sweet - I ordered 3 bread mixes from jbdough in August. 3 weeks later, the mixes arrived after I had contacted the service department twice. When the mixes arrived, one of the packages was not sealed and the contents were all over the inside of the box and utterably unusable. I then contacted the sales department again and, 5 weeks later, have not heard from them. Customer service is an essential part of online sales with most companies but evidently not part of the jbdough experience. Too bad - maybe the bread is good.