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The J.B. Dough Company...

...was founded on family tradition of gourmet excellence.
Our recipes have been approved by the strictest of tastes, our own.


John and Beverlee Dwan, of The J.B. Dough Company, have been making mixes to delight bread lovers since 1989. But their gourmet expertise goes much further back.  Beverlee learned the art of bread making from her mother, whose loaves were famous throughout her south side Chicago neighborhood.

John apprenticed in his family's nationally known canning business, which had its inception as a roadside stand selling prize-winning jams and jellies.

These traditions of excellence meet in The J.B. Dough Company, where commitment to quality and customer satisfaction produces mixes for the best breads you'll ever taste.


   A Blending Of Traditions

In 1989, John and Beverlee Dwan united two longstanding traditions of gourmet excellence in the founding of the J. B. Dough Company.  Beverlee's talents as a breadmaker were handed down to her by her mother, who twice a week baked what became known throughout her Chicago neighborhood as some of the best tasting bread in existence.  Over the years, Beverlee learned her mother's magic touch, which she now exhibits in the quality and exceptional flavor of J. B. Dough's products.

John's gourmet experience comes from his family's business (Dwan's Home Canning Co.) found on Lake Shore Drive in St. Joseph, Michigan, which grew from a small, roadside stand, selling award winning jams and jellies, into a nationally known canning company (Dwan-Musselman Co.).

These two gourmet traditions have been united to form the values on which the J. B. Dough Company was founded.  The Dwan's unbending commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every loaf of bread their mixes produce.

From our kitchen to yours,
John & Beverlee Dwan