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bread mixSpecial: Buy 12 packages - Get our Cookbook
Valued at $15.90 For Free
Get "In The Dough" Cookbook with purchase of 12 mixes
Shipping to the continental USA!

Note: In The Order Comment Box List The 12 Breads You Want

J.B. Dough's collection of 22 gourmet flavors for your bread maker provides an entire palette of possibilities for mouthwatering breads, coffee cakes and more! It's a family tradition with four generations of food processing experience. The makers of J.B. Dough Gourmet Bread maker Mixes maintain uncompromising quality and unquestionable freshness.

  • Just-in-time production ensures the utmost quality with every order.
  • A unique blend of the finest baking ingredients that tantalizes the taste buds.
  • Just-add-water instructions for consumer-proof performance.
  • The coordinating of the 'In The Dough' cookbook promotes bread maker mixes with simple, creative ways to make warm, scrumptious homemade bread.
  • Packaged with style; for gift giving versatility for gift baskets or additions to your new bread maker.



''In The Dough''

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J.B. Teddy Bear Bread
The J.B. Teddy Bear baking kit is the ideal gift!  Click here to find out more!

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